27 November, 2008

A LIFELINE to Women Facing Divorce; Moving out, Moving on by Susan Murphy-Milano

Susan Murphy Milano's Journal: Moving Out Moving On: Divorce and Your Options

Moving out, Moving on is a MUST HAVE Resource!

I personally will attest to that...do not blindly go down the often dark journey of Divorce without this life saving map! Moving out, Moving on truly will guide each step you take and safely bring you to that final destination you, yours and your health and well being both most desire as well as most need.


  1. Why couples are always on the game of moving out and then on again?, what is it that fails in a relationship, there must be something that we haven't been aware of.

    1. People just get married for the helll of it, or to just go with "human traditions". People marry someone in fear they won't find someone better. Whether or not they love each other, they'll just do it.