03 November, 2010

I Have Learned Some Things This Year ... Happy Birthday To Me

I have seen a million miles of desert land, and I have learned to be free.
And I have walked the shadow lands of Egypt, and I have learned to be free.
And I have held the mane of untamed horses, and I have learned to be free.
And I have walked on frozen lakes in my soul, and I have learned to be free.

And I have known the price of love,
And given all I have for a moment's time with you.
And I have died a thousand times,
And I have learned to be free.

And I have lost what only death could take from me, and I have learned to be free.
And I have gained what only life could give to me, and I have learned to be free.


And I have craved and walked away in the silence, and I have learned to be free.
And I have looked into the face of injustice, and I have learned to be free.


Btw ... For my birthday, could you please go to the link below and tell Montel Williams why you should be a guest on his show? http://ning.it/9MOp1U

02 November, 2010

I Missed Being Me - Uh ... Who Am I?

This isn't a good revelation here ... in fact the epiphany of it all actually quite sucks.  :(

I'm sitting here, stunned into submission ... realizing that I ironically very well may know even less about myself now than I did when I first created my blog.

Which makes no sense whatever ...

After all ... I did my time!

I paid my dues!

I lived the tragedy, and rather than running away from it, I instead painfully chose to embrace it!

What the fun?!

I even inspected it ... in order to grow - to finally become me!

So what's the deal, God?

Signed Me -

Some random girl - still just sitting here ... waiting for that bone from above ...


Jan Smolinski, The Force Behind Billy's Law and Eagle Rare Life Nominee

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Actively Aware: Jan Smolinski, Nominee of the Eagle Rare Life Award 2011