28 September, 2009

Hope for Life Challenges

Life Challenges

Life Challenges will touch each and every one of us! Whether it’s you or someone close to you, you will undoubtedly face a personal trial in your life. Why? How do we cope when they hit? Where do we find hope and meaning in the midst of these Life Challenges? Click on some of the sites below to start your journey of help and hope…

  • Reflections of a Son: My mother’s last hours on earth reflected a powerful life of courage, strength, and faith in Jesus Christ.
  • Feeling Alone: Are you ready for a change? Find out how you can go from lonely to peace in your heart.
  • My Purpose in Life: God does answer prayers in mysterious ways. He answered my most fervent prayers for the soul of my beloved son.
  • God's Will: I developed a deeper relationship with God. I developed a deeper appreciation for God’s will in my life.
  • Healing A Broken Heart: Find helpful tools and tips for mending your heart from hurt and grief. Find comfort and healing.
  • Prayers for Healing: God is our hope and promise. He is in control and He does perform miracles. We are part of His family.
  • Breast Cancer Diagnosis: I questioned why God allowed this to happen. Hadn’t God just promised that He had a wonderful plan for my life?
  • Cancer Support Groups: As we share our journey with cancer, we get strength and hope from each other, from the Bible, and from prayer.
  • Dealing With Death Video: Brian Deegan and Ronnie Faisst talk about the death of their good friend Jeremy Lusk. What is the message they want you to hear?
  • Trusting God: Cancer has taught me to trust. When I release my cancer to God, He works everything out for good.
  • Parenting Plan: Learn the most important valuables to parenting and how to keep things running smoothly. Value what most important.
  • Breast Cancer Treatment Options: The overwhelming task of choosing doctors and treatment options -- Where do you begin and who do you trust?
  • Joy of the Lord: Cancer can make us bitter or better. I found that the joy of the Lord is very important in my healing process.
  • Breast Cancer Survivor: A personal story about finding peace, joy and hope in the midst of cancer and other trials of life.
  • Blessings of Cancer: It is better to add life to your years than to add years to your life. God can turn anything for His good.
  • Ripples of Influence: As a pebble in a pond creates numerous rings of influence, so did my mother in the lives of those she touched.
  • God’s Plan for my Cancer: I finally turned my cancer over to God and His plan. This helped me release much of my fear.
  • Guilt: Want to get rid of guilt? Understand the only way it can happen and take steps toward healing.
  • Total Surrender to God: I learned to give my total life to God. I would spend the rest of my life in total surrender to Him.
  • Breast Cancer Recurrence: I learned many lessons as a result of my recurrence. I learned to take a more active role in my health.
  • Traumatic Brain Injury: Read one man’s account of living with TBI – his struggles, alienation, and how he found hope for living.
  • How to Die: Are you at a point of no return? Has the meltdown occurred, and now thoughts of getting out are running through your mind?
  • Fantasize: Are they harmful or helpful to a relationship? Does it stimulate a sexual relationship to visualize someone else?
  • Emotional Infidelity: What is it and how can I prevent it for destroying my marriage and family? Discover answers and tips here.
  • Teen Pregnancy: Find information and helpful advice from girls who have been in your shoes. What did they learn?
  • Gifts From God: God gave me my last days to see His wonderful plan being worked out in the lives of those I love.
  • Life Challenges: Are you struggling with issues related to emotional or physical challenges, marriage and family, or addiction? Find help here.
  • Parenting Tips: What can I expect the moment I become a parent? Can I be truly ready? Find out here.
  • Stress Relief: How does stress affect me physically, mentally, and emotionally? Discover the facts here.
  • Coping With Separation: Separating from those we love is hard. Learn why you are having these feelings and find help for your hurting heart.
  • Self Worth: Where is my worth based? Can I improve it by doing things or is it something given to me?
  • Child Discipline: Why is discipline important? Learn practical tips and techniques.
  • Pancreatitis: The pancreas secretes the enzymes that help digest our food. What happens when those enzymes start digesting the pancreas itself?
  • Overcoming Jealousy: An emotion that can lead to bitterness and anger. Read one person’s account of how jealous feelings were removed.
  • Blended Families: It can be tricky to pull two families together and make it work. Find helpful information on being successful.
  • All About Parenting: Do you want your children to grow up to be responsible adults? Learn skills and advice from other parents.
  • Panic Attacks: You wonder if the acute indigestion you’ve been treating yourself for is really panic attacks. How can you be sure?
  • Managing Diabetes: I think I may have with diabetes! Is this a death sentence? What should I do first? Will I need shots?
  • Christian Family Counseling: A Christian home is a Christ-led and Christ-focused home. How do we pull this off?
  • Chronic Pain Relief: Dealing with this is a physical trial. Discover ultimate peace, acceptance, and value. Learn how to cope.
  • Christians and Porn: How does pornography affect a man's spiritual life and fellowship with God? Read this story of darkness.
  • Dealing With Depression: Do you want to laugh and enjoy life again? Learn how to be free from sadness and anxiety.
  • Adopting A Child: Have you and your spouse considered adopting, but heard far too many horror stories? One couple like you overcame numerous hurdles. Read here to see how!
  • Marital Infidelity: Statistics and facts regarding extramarital relationships are undeniable. Evidence points to these statistics being on the increase.
  • Empty Nest: Are you in the transition of accepting your empty home? Discover how to make the most of this life transition.
  • Discouragement: Where is God in your discouraged spirit? Why are you so sad? Find help from His Word here.
  • Separation Anxiety: Learn how to teach toddlers not to react negatively when you leave them with a sitter or family member. Leaving shouldn't be stressful.
  • Forgiving Infidelity: How can unfaithfulness in a marriage be cured? How can this hurtful addiction be broken? Find forgiveness.
  • Suicide Of A Child: Read how one mother expresses the loss of her son from suicide. She found hope among her grieving.
  • Coping With Divorce: A divorce is devastating for everyone involved. How do men cope with divorce?
  • Chronic Pain: A personal story of trial and denial. An answer to prayer. Turning pain into a deeper relationship with God.
  • Grief Process: Are you hurting due to the loss of a loved one? A greater understanding of loss will help you cope.
  • Alzheimers Support: How can you help someone suffering from Alzheimer’s? This article can start you off on that journey with some helpful ideas.
  • Love Addiction: Are you addicted to love and sex? Find out how the dangers and find out how to break free.
  • Inside The Mind Of A Sex Addict: Read how one man found help and relief from a strong porn addiction. Learn how to find help for yourself or a loved one.
  • Divorce Questions: Divorce rips at the heart of our society as it displaces and devastates kids. Find another way here.
  • All About Life Challenges: Find hope and comfort as you go through difficult times in your life. Learn principles to help you cope.
  • Marriage Conflict: How do we disagree in marital conflict and still come out of it loving each other? Learn techniques.
  • Spouse Abuse: Your spouse belittles and criticizes you, but has not been physically abusive. Is this acceptable? Should you be worried?
  • Anger Management Techniques: Would you like peace to replace anger in your life? If so, learn these helpful techniques for improvement.
  • Chronic Fatigue: Are the symptoms of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome serious? Can it lead to something more serious? What causes Chronic Fatigue Syndrome?
  • Hair Loss: My mother’s father was bald. Does this mean I will be, too? Can anything be done about it? Find out.
  • Gastric Bypass Surgery: Read one woman’s personal story of how this surgery changed her life and medical needs.
  • Verbal Abuse: Stuck in an abusive relationship? Want to know how to stop the abuse? Read steps others have taken here.
  • Husband Addicted to Porn: Did you find out your husband’s addiction? What should you do? How do you cope? Learn some helpful information here.
  • Christian Testimony Video: You have got to watch this story of Greg Outlaw who was pronounced terminally ill and what happened after that! You name it drugs, alcohol, sexual addiction, materialism, hedonism, and a lifestyle of debauchery -- nothing can change a life like God can!
  • Menopause: At what age does menses cease? What are hot flashes? Is there medication a woman can take for symptoms? Read.
  • Overcome Fear: Is it possible to conquer fears? Understand their origin and how to best counteract their power in your life.
  • Metastatic Breast Cancer: Discover renewed hope in your life battle. Read how one woman found peace and joy in the midst of pain.
  • Reverse Aging: Managing mortality is thought to be one of the biggest goals in life. Is it yours? Find out how to have a balanced perspective.
  • Manage Attention Deficit Disorder: Have you or your child been diagnosed with ADD/ADHD? There’s help available. Learn various treatment and how to find support.
  • Hepatitis C: Are you at risk to contract Hepatitis C? This article explores the definition, risks, treatments, and hope for the virus.
  • Adult Children of Alcoholics: Dealing with parents who have addictive habits? Are they inebriated all the time? Want relief? Read here for answers.
  • Cancer Patients: Are you reeling from a cancer diagnosis? Wondering why this happened to you? Find out who to trust for comfort.
  • Signs Of Depression: Read a personal story of diagnosis and treatment. This person survived the trial and came out victorious. Learn more here.
  • Manic Depressive: Learn about the disorder, the treatment options, and the hope of recovery. Why does it affect mood, energy, and the ability to function?
  • Meaning in Tragedy: The news is continually filled with tragedy. Is there a purpose in it? Why does God allow these horrible things to happen?
  • Bed Wetting: Discover what causes this problem and how to respond to your child.
  • Trying to Conceive: Are you struggling with infertility and trying to cope emotionally? Consider these insightful tips for coping in a healthy manner.
  • Borderline Personality Disorder: Learn more about BPD, the symptoms and treatment of this disorder. Find help and hope.
  • Anger Management For Parents: Learn how to control your anger and be an example for your children.
  • Coping With Loneliness: Friends can let us down when they turn away during a life crisis. When we're alone, who can we turn to?
  • Dealing with Difficult People: How do you handle difficult people? Do you know how to get past the insults? Find out here.
  • Cancer Treatment: Treatment can be so difficult. Read one woman’s story of hope and encouragement for those going through treatments.
  • Decision Making: What are the consequences of a bad decision? Selfish impulses usually lead to those consequences. Learn how to avoid them.
  • Premarital Sex: Is it morally right or wrong? How do I know for sure? What should I take into consideration when making this decision?
  • Single Parent: Identify your struggles and find support for your family. You have a tough job, but you can survive!
  • Family Conflicts: How can we help our families communicate better in order to resolve the conflict that so often occurs?
  • Miscarriage Statistics: The definitions and statistics underlying miscarriage. The physical and emotional effects.
  • Stillbirth: Read a personal story of a couple who coped through this devastating situation. How did they get through?
  • Obesity Help: Learn how to change your perspective and surrender your weight to God. Read one woman’s story here.
  • Coping With Depression: Do you know the options that are available to fight it? A combination of treatments may be best.
  • Coping With Anxiety: Do you worry too much? Is your body reacting negatively? Discover how to reduce stress and find lasting relief.
  • Post Abortion Syndrome: The medical and emotional pain. The long-term effects of depression and despair. A message of hope.
  • Television Addiction: Find out how the television obsession has impacted today’s culture. Discover how you can break the cycle in your family.
  • Dealing With Death: Are you searching for comfort after a loss? Learn how to find lasting acceptance and peace.
  • Christian Marriage Counseling: Are you looking for help and support in your relationship? Consider the expertise of counsel from a biblical perspective.
  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder: Learn the basics about OCD -- its symptoms, treatment possibilities, and how to find lasting and eternal peace.
  • Single Woman: Do you have a longing, a desire in your heart to be a wife? Read one woman’s story of her journey.
  • Late Term Abortion: Study the facts about this type of abortion. Read one young woman’s story about her life. Make an informed decision.
  • Working Mom: Are you a woman who wears many hats? Consider helpful tips and encouragement from someone who has been there.
  • Military Wife: Learn from others on how to cope when your spouse is away for a long period of time. How do you cope?
  • Retirement Planning: When preparing for this life transition, remember the emotional, physical, and spiritual aspects of your life. Be prepared in all areas.
  • Marital Intimacy: Learn more about marital intimacy and how to strengthen it emotionally and sexually. Find out helpful tips.
  • Caring For The Elderly: What is involved in care-giving? Learn helpful tips for transitioning into this time of life. Read a personal story.
  • Coping With Miscarriage: The truth about miscarriage and the ways to deal with the pain of early pregnancy loss.


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