15 July, 2010

We Need YOU to Help Save Billy's Law NOW!

Click HERE to Help Save Billy's Law Now!
1. Copy/Paste this letter located HERE
2. Go HERE to find contact info for Senators on the United States Judicial Committee
3. Fill out the form on each of their individual websites (copy/paste the letter in the remarks area) and click send ...

Please join us at Peace4 the Missing
Missing Persons Awareness and Support Network


  1. Please all do this. I did it and if you copy & paste your letter it really does not take a very long time.
    Just think how long it has been for Janice & Larry?
    Now this does not seem long at all now does it!!
    Again..Please pass this on to all in your e-mail address book as well.
    They need to hear from each of us & yes your voice does need to be heard!
    Please do not think ..Oh well someone else will do this..NO...we need each of you!
    God bless. Sara

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