04 January, 2009

Living with AML, any advice, please?

My Dad is 70 years old young, he looks and feels great, there's only one problem...he has AML, Leukemia, and both a try at chemo as well as mylotarg, have not put him into remission...so now? Well, thus the point of this post...

If you've ever read, know, heard, tried of something, please share...

Please don't take on the role of diffusing my "fight" for my Father, this is how I must travel this journey...God understands, my Dad supports me and to be quite honest, that's really all the opinions regarding that matter.

Are you or is anyone that you know familiar with AML? Do you have any contacts in this field? Have you or one of yours ever traveled a similar journey? Could you please take some time to share some tips, advice, resources that you might have learned along the way?

Please don't hesitate to share...

Thank You


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