29 January, 2009

OUTRAGE! Why are RAPISTS currently allowed to Plea Bargain?!

Honestly, this is beyond appalling, universally mortifying and of the most vile, disgusting nature. 

Horrifically, in this present day of 2009, Rapists are being allowed to Plea Bargain!

Rapists, yes that's right, RAPISTS!  

You know, CRIMINALS who VIOLATE another human being, who look at other souls that God Himself created in His very Own Image...as nothing more than a piece of garbage, a temporary amusement for their sick, evil pursuits of the flesh.  

Rapists...the Devil himself on earth, performing the most horrific acts of Hell, permitted to Plea Bargain.

And in which desperately in need of Democracy countries is this occurring?



That's right..right here in our "Land of the Free" built upon "Truth and Justice".

Rapists are Allowed to Plea Bargain = Truth and Justice?????!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Somebody dropped the ball somewhere, BIG TIME and our poor Forefathers are undoubtedly doing back flips in their graves.

So...let's help them out, oh my word, let's just stop this from happening, NOW!  


All those FOR Truth and Justice, all those with any sense at all must clearly and loudly say NO PLEA BARGAINING FOR RAPISTS!!!  

All those with even the tiniest drop of good in them, please move just one tiny finger now and click on the link below, pick up one single pen and write to Congresswoman Debbie Halvorson.
Congresswoman Halvorson is going to introduce a bill to abolish rapist's rights to plea bargaining, to write a letter in support of this bill please write to Congresswoman Debbie Halvorson's Legislative Director/Counsel at:

Corey Tellez 
Legislative Director/Counsel 
Congresswoman Debbie Halvorson (IL-11) 
1541 Longworth House Office Building 
Washington, DC 20515 
202-225-3521 (fax)
Write some others while you're at it as well, PLEAD for no more rapist plea bargains, actively join in this ever so simple pursuit and real change will come...this might be the easiest way to make a difference ever.  

Let us all ACT, HOPE and PRAY that the HORRIFIC INSANITY of RAPISTS PLEA BARGAINING is rectified and abolished within the Speed of Light timeframe.  That Truth and Justice within our Land of the Free is restored.

However, until it IS, my "Pledge of Allegiance" is sadly on hold.


  1. The crime of rape can never be the subject of ‘plea bargaining’. Rape is rape and there is nothing in between.

    Murder may be reduced to manslaughter, rape is uniquely rape. Either it is rape or nothing. Unlike other crimes of violence, mitigating defenses such as provocation, lack of intent, or a mistaken belief in the woman’s consent are not available in cases of rape.

    The crime is by itself sufficiently horrendous to deprive it of ‘mitigating circumstances’.

    If the rapist is allowed to plea out of the sex crime status the seriousness of his crime will then be withheld from the court, in all subsequent criminal cases information relevant to appropriate punishment will be tainted.

    I've read all the reasoning there is on plea-bargaining. I understand it can be a useful tool in some cases. But criminal sexual assault should never be plea bargained. Doing so is allowing sexual predators to get away with their crimes and they will continue to victimize others. The criminal himself is now justified that his behavior was acceptable.

    Rape is rape and there is nothing in between. Especially when you have a confession, evidence and victim cooperation. Rape is not sexual in nature. Rape is an act of criminal violence of the worst kind.

    Why then plea bargain? To lesson the load in the courts? How is that justice?

    I want women and children to be protected as they should be, they are our greatest God given treasures, they are not to be not ignored and sacrificed for judicial expediency and financial reasons.

  2. wow! this is insane! Thanks so much for bringing this to peoples attention!