30 May, 2009

"Can't Live Without You":Can Lead To Murder

Susan Murphy Milano's Journal: "Can't Live Without You":Can Lead To Murder

When a husband or a former love interest hints of death or writes words specific to you that you feel are threatening, take immediation safety precautions.

If you are going through a divorce make sure your attorney is aware of any threatening communication. If you cannot obtain a criminal order of protection because there is not enough evidence then seek a civil order of protection.

The road to leaving is often not easy. You are riddled with fear and guilt with each step you take because you have been pre-programed by the abuser to think and feel less than the person you have become due to the abuse in the relationship.

Susan Murphy Milano's Journal
Published Author, Advocate and Abusive Relationship Safety Strategist......... "Holding up the lantern of light, strength and hope for those who have been affected by crime."

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