29 June, 2009

It is not shameful to be abused. What is shameful is when no one helps.

FaithTrust Institute believes that the best way to address domestic violence, child abuse, sexual assault and sexual violence is through a united front of religious and nonreligious resources. Skilled staff is available for trainings, seminars and keynote presentations in your area. All presentations include religious and pastoral issues, and are available throughout the United States, Canada and overseas.

While our workshops uniquely focus on building bridges between secular and religious organizations, our sessions are always tailored to the specific needs of your community. Accordingly, we train and educate a wide range of individuals and communities, both secular and religious. The following is an abbreviated list of the types of groups with whom we work regularly:

Statewide and local coalitions working to combat domestic violence and child abuse
Rape crisis centers
Seminary and university administrators
Churches, synagogues, congregations, mosques
Judicatory staff
Lay leaders and trainers
FaithTrust Institute’s
Four Program Initiatives:
Clergy Ethics
  • Offering specifically designed training and educational materials to help religious institutions of all faiths reduce incidents of sexual abuse by clergy and to train clergy on boundary issues.
  • Addressing professional ethics and sexual abuse through theological education.

Congregational Safety and Health
  • Supporting clergy and lay leaders in creating and sustaining healthy and safe congregations, emphasizing the prevention of child sexual abuse.

Healthy Families
  • Providing educational print and video materials addressing child abuse, domestic violence, and healthy teen relationships.
  • Training religious leaders to engage their communities in being part of a comprehensive community response to domestic violence.

Trafficking of Persons and Sexual Exploitation
  • Addressing global trafficking through educational materials for clergy and lay leaders.
  • Providing educational print and video materials addressing sexual violence.

Read more about our offerings in the following issue areas:
Click HERE to request training for specific faith traditions, including Muslim, Jewish, Christian, or Buddhist.
Click HERE to view a listing of upcoming trainings.

Length and costs of trainings vary depending on your needs. Please schedule your presentation at least six months in advance. Fill out a speaker request form or contact FaithTrust Institute for price information and scheduling.

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