04 August, 2009

Be The Change That You Want To See

“When we are no longer to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves…” ~ Victor Frankl

Making Meaning: Be the Change
This week I spent time reflecting on change; thinking about efforts to make change outside of myself and how these efforts have influenced change within myself. Outer and inner change is not an easy process, comes with many challenges and for me, an increased commitment to make meaningful decisions. The above quote from Victor Frankl inspired me to create a mini-altered book focused on change and meaning, as well as to identify key principles that have been important in my growth and being the change I want to be.

Be the Change: Think and Energy- I have learned about giving more thought to what I put my energy towards,what supports my authentic , and my intentions. What opportunities and experiences will best utilize my strengths, ideas, spirit, and dedication?

Be the Change: Relationships and Choices- The relationships I nurture and the decisions I make also influence my ability to make meaning and take a stand to be the change I want to be. Collaboration, choices, responsibility, and commitment all fall under these principles. We reap what we sow.

Be the Change: Meaning and Empower- These principles are most important to me and my path to purpose. How and where do I want to make meaning? Enstilling hope, trust, and having the courage to keep moving forward helps me create empowerment and resiliency.

Be the Change: Action and Truth- To create change within or outside ourselves requires action coming from a belief rooted in truth and vision.
I’m sure there will more art and thoughts around this topic on my end, as meaning and change are important to the work I do and my every day life experience. Until then, the video and song below by Kat Edmonson also captures many of the reflections mentioned in this posting, as well as adds new ones to think more about. How do you create meaning to be the change you want to be?

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