01 August, 2009

The Maliciously Missing, Jon Van Dyke

Jon Van Dyke faked his own disappearance, leaving his family devastated, lost and forced to endure an aimless, constant state of the horrific unknown.

Officially a missing person, vast resources and tax payer's funds were spent trying to locate him. His wife, Maureen Reintjes, out of love for her husband and father of her girls, dedicated every waking moment possible to Finding Her Missing Husband.

Meanwhile, Van Dyke was just "hiding-out", eluding authorities, tormenting his family, concerned friends and countless volunteers who were all desperately looking for him, a Maliciously Missing Man.

When Jon faked his disappearance he committed the most selfish of actions imaginable. His family are the ones who suffered.

Maureen's life was now ridden with unrelenting anguish ... burdened with the finanacial nightmares left by a "missing husband" ... losing 2 homes ... she was left homeless ... this is just a peek at the hell of living in the unknown, Maureen's everday life for over 4 years.

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  1. I've been following this case. His wife just
    refused to accept he had left her.
    The police, his mother, his company, and the
    private investigator all knew he simply walked
    out on her.
    This is not a case of maliciously missing, but
    a case of the wife's refusal to face reality.

  2. I just saw this comment from Lee. I don't know who the hell you are Lee but you are so damn wrong. Why were his 2 retirements not touched for years? Why didn't he close his bank account or have me taken off of it? He was the primary on the account I can't even have my ownself taken off of it. Why would his company call me to find out where Jon was if they knew what you are alledging? Why did they fire him as a no show? Why wouldn't he have quit his job instead of taking the chance on ruining an amazing career? Why did he embezel the rental car? The private investigator knew nothing...he was so off mark on the case that he even said his firm talked to Jon on his cell phone. Didn't happen as that was my cell phone that Verizon turned off for me but kept the account active. For years you could call it and it would ring busy, as it was supposed to. The police knew nothing. They assumed but that is not concrete answers...they could back their assumptions up with NO proof. Trust me they were as baffled as his family was and for most respects still are. His mother? The woman who has been married to so many men that one of the siblings doesn't even know who their father really is. The woman who trusts no one, lies about everything and her own children will attest to that. Lee how friggen clueless you are. How dare you fucking comment on me and you don't even know me. You must be one of the sleuthers from the crime (hate) boards. Enough said.

    This is a case of a Maliciously Missing Person.

  3. Deskside: I think LEE should of attended the Radio show last night an could of been informed on the truths of this "Maliciously Missing Person". To judge you like that is sad very sad. Shows a lack of compassion for you an your family with all you have all been through. Just remember this: "Those who mind don't matter an those who matter don't mind"
    Don't worry you don't stand alone on this fight to make the "Maliciously Missing" accountable in life. Keep The Faith. ~Ramona~

  4. Everyone else was right, though. The police, his mother, the P.I.
    I have no idea what a sleuther is, but I heard
    you on a podcast.
    You can insult me all you want, but the fact is
    they were all correct. He was alive.

    1. Being alive doesn't mean that he wasn't Maliciously Missing. I don't think that you understand the meaning of the term. John is the definition of Maliciously Missing. Why don't you stop talking and start listening, Lee. Learn what you are speaking about before you share your "wisdom."

  5. Lee- who ARE you? What business is it of YOURS as to what did or did not happen between Maureen and Jon? What Jon did or did not do? Why and How does it affect you that you feel you have the right to get out here in public and call someone a liar?

    1. Its a public forum, I have as much right to post here as you have.
      Sometimes people refuse to believe the obvious. I know her story.
      I've heard it from her. Sometimes it is kinder to tell people the truth.

  6. Lee, (ie. Lauran) ... you seriously need to get a life ... lol ...