03 April, 2009

Too Afraid

'Too Afraid'

Three more deaths demonstrate the need for more effective tools against domestic violence.

Residents of Carver Terrace held a candlelight for Erika Peters and two of her children, who were killed last week by her boyfriend.
Wednesday, March 25, 2009; Page A14

"WE WANT to know what more we could have done . . . because there has to be more we could have done to prevent this." That's how one neighbor of Erika Peters reacted to the murders of the D.C. woman and her two young sons, allegedly by an abusive boyfriend. It is the right question to ask for friends, family, school, law enforcement and government, but -- as Ms. Peters's case so tragically demonstrates -- the complexity of abusive relationships defies pat answers. That's why society at large must do more to stop this kind of victimization.

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