30 March, 2009

Angela Shelton, Uncovering Cherished Laughter Amidst the Journey

Finding Angela Shelton Journey
Day 14

Joyful Projection

You've been thinking about yourself for 2 weeks!!  Good job!
In order to break old patterns and move into Joy - you have to face some pretty dark things somethings.  Much like removing a sword from your body - you have to see it first to be able to remove it!  Many times we want to ignore the sad or traumatic things in order to avoid feeling them when the trick in moving past them is moving right into the feeling and feeling it!  You feel it to release it and purge it!
The various tasks over the past 2 weeks are reminders for when you are in the dark places or faced with the possibility of a dark place. You can access your Joyful side by practicing little techniques like a dancing contest or a quick "bitch session" to really listen to yourself.  Today feel the Joy.  Feel what it feels like to be past all of these days and into a Joyful feeling. 

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» Spread Joy
Laugh today out loud in public
Just do it.  Laugh out loud.  If you can't do it, go rent a comedy or stroll through a bookstore and find some funny books.  Find something that makes you laugh and laugh out loud!!
Laughter is the best Joy medicine.
When you laugh, you immediately raise the vibration in your body.  When you raise the vibration in your body - you send out waves of good energy to others too so laugh out loud.  And when you do laugh, smile at someone too.  Try it in your car as you're driving.  See what happens.  Shoot someone a Joyful love tap by simply laughing out loud. 
We all have a story and we have all been through pain - and we could all use a Joyful reminder sometimes.  Be that reminder for someone today.  You will be doing great service work.   And this exercise is building pathways in your mind for when you are faced with a dark place. 

Tomorrow you can listen to a bit of Finding Angela Shelton and see the ways that it applies to you.  

  » Task
Feel JOY!
No matter where you are today even if you are standing in line somewhere, raise the vibration in your body by feeling Joy. 
Pretend like you are in love and feel it in your body.  Giggle giggle.
It feels very different than a bitch session. What color is it? 
What does Joy look like to you?  If you are so inspired, draw a picture or create a collage.  Make up a dance!  For those who say they do not have the time, think about how much time you have spent on trauma.  Has a panic attack, anxiety, obsession, complaint, or stressful situation ever ruined your day?  How much time did you spend on it?  If you recall, you probably stopped everything and spent time in stress. 
If you have time to stress, you have time to feel Joy and create something!
 By spending time creating something, it dramatically lowers stress and anxiety.

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