31 March, 2009

There's no I in T E A M

Sometimes we all have the tendency to get so involved in something, so consumed by it, that even this very good in theory and initial intent cause might also threaten to divide the very supportive of community around us...

Reasons for conflict are often trite and petty...to be passionate about something is to also risk exposing a deep part of yourself as well.  By doing so, making ourselves vulnerable, our senses are heightened and our "hot poker stick" responses increase...thus even our very own "team members" become the likely targets of potential "lash-out" negative reactions...perhaps they didn't say something correctly or made a mistake or whatever, I don't know...

However, even though this may be somewhat understandable...that doesn't excuse the action...it's not okay to disrespect the very ones among your own network just because you're sensitive and they are there.  

In order to maximize any community/network's potential to produce positive results there must be a sense of acceptance, safety and upmost...loyalty.

True loyalty to one another allows the other to fail sometimes, it's okay...we all do it...

Without true loyalty we allow negativity among ourselves, members of the same team, to lead us..which is obviously just so tragically destructive and ridiculously counter productive of the very reason why we all are on the same team to begin with.

We don't all have to agree, that's okay...it's good...it's interesting, enlightening, etc.

But, for us all to truly be a team, one unified team, there cannot be any place whatsoever for self-seeking manipulation of the team's very essence, it's core.  

Those whose motives are based upon dividing the one team into many separate mini-ones via some juvenile approach of senseless drama must be clearly recognized and subtly called out.

The entire purpose of a team is that we are better together.  All together, we're stronger, we can do greater things, make a much larger impact, create significant change.  While separately scattered about we become lost, our visions reduced to easily glanced over clutter.

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