11 March, 2009


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What An Ass! 

There are those moments that will stick with you forever. Your first kiss. Your wedding day. The birth of your first child. And of course, the first time you walked into the bathroom and saw something this insane. You don't know whether to laugh, cry or scream.

You would think this would be one small step for man. That's right. Just slip the little piece of cardboard right off the holder and into the garbage can. There's no special clip. You don't have to tinker with any tough latches. Nope, it's just a simple flick of the wrist. But nooooooooooo... It would be so much easier to just place a brand new roll right on top of the old empty one. Perhaps keep it there for posterior. Or maybe it has sentimental value... For the love of God, there has to be some reason, he's decided to leave it there.

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