06 March, 2009

Related links for coping with a divorce or breakup

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Related links for coping with a divorce or breakup

General information about divorce and relationship breakups

Separation and Divorce – Advice from a relationship psychotherapist on how to accept a relationship is over, cope with the fall-out, and move on. (BBC)

Coping with Separation and Divorce – Helpful tips on how to cope with and recover from a separation, divorce, or relationship breakup. (Mental Health America)

Separation and Divorce – Tips on finding emotional support while going through separation or divorce. (Canadian Mental Health Association) 

Recovering From a Break-up – Article describes what you can to do recover after a breakup, including how to cope with painful feelings and learn from past mistakes. (UC Riverside Counseling Center)

Divorce Matters: Coping With Stress and Change (PDF) – Practical guide to restructuring family life and coping with the loss and change that come along with separation and divorce. (Iowa State University)

Divorce and breakup coping tips

10 Steps to Recover from a Divorce or Breakup – Describes ten ways to help you recover from a breakup or divorce, get your life back on track, and guarantee a bright relationship future. (ThirdAge)

The Top 10 Ways to Survive a Breakup without Breaking Down – Offers advice on how to make it through a love breakup and learn from the experience. (CoachVille)

Relationship Break-Up Living in the Void  – Tips for making it through the pain of divorce and feeling your grief. (Thriveafterdivorce.com)

How to Survive a Break-Up – Month-by-month advice for coping with a divorce or relationship breakup. (goodtoknow.co.uk)

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