22 December, 2008

PAS, if you don't believe it, you're a crazy #$%&@#$

Parental Alienation Syndrome, PAS, here's a PAS victim, there's a PAS victim, PAS victim, PAS victims, everywhere...makes my head spin. Wow, when did the majority of Women, most notedly, Mothers, become such Evil B-words?

The days of "Respect Your Father and Mother" seem to be a faded and distant memory for so many today, at least for those vocally speaking out...frequently, everywhere, with lots and lots of aggression. Because, apparently, Daddy can't be expected to respect this horrible thorn of his past, the one who went to hell and back bearing his child, this "crazy" woman who meanwhile cried tears of joy and thanksgiving throughout the entire experience.

Clearly, she doesn't deserve it...so we hear, because that "nuthead" he tragically was "forced" to endure being married to, is now grotesquely, not to mention, violently abusing him with PAS, which by the way most definitely should be a "Syndrome" regardless of the fact that no accredited affiliation recognizes it as such and regardless of the fact that PAS was conjured up by a Pervert promoting Child Molestation.

Yet in my humble opinion, (which probably doesn't matter, since you see, well I'm a MOM, enough said) at some point we are all victims of "Parental Alienation" ~ just like at some point we are all lied to, cheated, ignored, mocked, unappreciated and nearly always, not loved as much nor how we truly should be...

In which case, I guess we need a heck of a lot more Syndromes for all of those things too.

Sounds like we all should expect much higher taxes in 2009, considering all that the Court and Protective Agencies need to get up to speed on.

Parental Alienation Syndrome, although everything may look like its a crazy thing to be calling a Syndrome, it's not, you are...or so we hear, over and over and over again...

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  1. It is a BIG problem...this PAS. Just because it hasn't happened to you doesn't mean that it's never happened at all. My brother is being alienated from my father by my mother. She has made up lies that my father has beat her, my brother was abused at my father's house and many more lies in order to make my brother hate my father. She has accomplished that. My brother doesn't listen to anyone but her even though I know and my other brother know all these things my mother says are lies. I didn't know much about this PAS until I started doing more research, and it fits to a "T" with my mother.