16 December, 2008


This following FABULOUS post was found on Anonymums, to whom I say Bravo for these sentiments, words, vision and strength!


The campaigns for fathers ended up degrading and excluding single mothers from all walks of life. They were wrong for working and leaving their children, they were wrong for being poor, they were wrong for leaving abusive relationships and maintaining the "status quo" that would have harmed or even killed them, they were wrong for nurturing their children(alienating). A few years ago, I saw many grumpy mothers in the supermarket, now I see grumpy fathers - mothers were never any worse at raising children, they just did it more, thats all. The difference?

Single mothers are still being degraded no matter what they do and considering she has risked her life and body to bring each and everyone in the world, its about time, people began to show her a bit more gratitude and respect. Single mothers cannot continue to endure the wrath of the community for another lifetime, its bad for our youth and bad for society. It says to the rest of the world: "We as Australians are selfish and undeserving of the life that our mothers have given us". 

The solution is that Australians need to be more aware of this factor. This also includes same sex parents who can raise their children just as well, but should not be treated like baby factories and have abusers walk all over them to resolve "fatherlessness". Its about time these fathers learn to take some of the responsibilities as to why a mother might be apprehensive at contact for the child. There is a real undermining of her reasons with little and in some cases large amounts of evidence as to why she would sacrifice the little time she has to herself to have the children stay with her for longer periods of time. 

We need to ask ourselves: 

Why are we calling mothers abductors of their own children? 

Why are we looking down upon mothers for trying to bring food into their homes by working? 

It is no wonder women want to abort and more are choosing to have children later in life .

We didn't just throw the baby out with the bath water - We threw the mother out too. 

Bring back Motherhood. 

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