05 December, 2008

Recent PAS Antics, Exploiting a Father's Suicide to Further Advance Cause

At some point, even the most worthy of all causes should not cross a certain line regardless of the great amount of awareness crossing it might bring. Thankfully, the majority of humankind clearly sees the trauma of a child losing a parent to suicide as that line. Tragically, some do not...

Details and reference to quote below have been intentionally omitted in order to spare these traumatized children from additional emotional abuse.
Latest Victim of Parental Alienation - XXXXX  XXXXXX
The board of the National Parents Rights Association is sad to report the suicide early this morning of one of our members, a loving father, xxxxxxxx.

After a horrible three year court battle in xxxxx, xxxxx finally received the judge’s decision on Wednesday the day before Thanksgiving.

That decision stripped him of any decision making in his children’s lives and relegated him to “visitor” status with approximately 15% parenting time.

His former wife’s attorneys, xxxxxxxxx did a brilliant job along with the aid, assistance and complicity of the Guardian ad litem, xxxxxx; the Court Evaluator, xxxxxxxx and the children’s counselor xxxxxxxx in breaking this father, financially and emotionally and casting aspersions on his good name.
Please keep the REAL VICTIMS in this case, the children as well as their now sole remaining parent, in your most compassionate thoughts and fervent prayers.

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  1. Child abuse experts Dr. Robert Geffner warns that “Parental Alienation Syndrome” (PAS) is junk science – a psychiatric “disorder” that isn’t recognized by any mental health or medical association, isn’t supported by research, and hasn’t even been published in established peer-reviewed professional journals. But PAS has been used by the courts to award sole custody of hundreds of children to the parents accused of sexually or physically abusing them.