29 December, 2008

WANTED, Your Story of Child Custody with an Abuser

Victims of parental alienation custody change fraud send your info here

Please send your story of defending your child from an abuser.

Victims from all over the world need to get the message out about the network of people who “excuse abuse” and falsely accuse protective parents of hypothetical psychological theories in order to facilitate a change of custody to the abusive parent or grant visitation when it is not in the child’s best interest.

Please email your story including the state and county of the case, name of the colluding parties, evaluators, GALs or other parties involved. Do not list the parents or child’s name, but instead use the terms mother, father, child, son or daughter, etc. to maintain your privacy. Do include the names of the unethical people if you care to do so. Patterns very quickly appear with the same people using the same scam. Exposing these patterns will hopefully lead to some action being taken involving this custody “racket”.

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  1. Right with you Sara

    Up on the ** Ration Shed Communique **

    GO - http://groups.yahoo.com/group/rationshed

    Hope this helps spread your call for stories

    Onward - Jim