07 July, 2009

Cyber Abuse: How to Clean Up Your Internet Reputation

The growing trend of blogging and free speech on the Internet brings with it a new brand of reputation bashing. It is called "cyber abuse". Cyber abuse is the unethical and relentless bashing of an individual's or companie's reputation on the Internet. The new age of the Internet has made it eerily simple for a disgruntled customer or worse, a ruthless business foe or personal enemy to ruin a reputation online. These cyber abusers use tactics such as blogging and posting negative comments in social network sites to bring down the Internet reputation of their cyber target. In years past there has been very little that the average citizen on the web could do to combat cyber abuse.

Recently an entire industry has been developed solely for the purpose of correcting cyber abuse issues. This industry is becoming more popular due to the growing importance of a positive Internet reputation. When the cyber abuse gets to the point that the individual or company is suffering losses they can reach out to an Internet reputation specialist. An Internet reputation specialist will take action to clean up the cyber abuse, such as developing new blogs and Internet websites that place the consumer in a neutral or positive light. The reputation specialist will set these websites up in a way that they will always come up in the top 10 results on Google or other search engines, usually they will be strong enough to cover the top 20 search results.

Most Internet consumers will not look past the first two pages of search engine results. These Internet reputation specialists will also use other tactics such as social bookmarking sites and user generated content sites to enhance your reputation online.

One particular success story for this new industry involved a company in the Washington D.C. area that had been experiencing cyber abuse for more than two years. This company had a cyber abuse blogger whose page continuously showed up in the top results on many search engines including Google. They were losing business but didn't know what to do. They finally came to one of these Internet reputation specialists and in short time they were receiving more online business and the cyber abuse blogger's page had been moved out of the first 20 results when the name was Googled.

Since these Internet reputation specialists are acting like personal publicists this new industry is not cheap to utilize. It can cost between five and ten thousand dollars a month to patrol and clean up an Internet reputation but cyber abuse can be extremely detrimental to a company in this Internet friendly society so for many companies this is well worth the price. It is important to note that it may take anywhere from a few months to a year to completely clean up an Internet reputation.

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