13 July, 2009

“He would never just leave me,” Maureen thought...

The Maliciously Missing

by DIANE on JULY 13, 2009

Then there is the group of missing people who aren’t really missing at all. They are hiding. They’re called the“maliciously missing” by a woman who knows the subject all too well. Her name is Maureen Reintjes and on May 19, 2005 she kissed goodbye her husband of 24 years at their new home in Las Vegas, Nevada and he disappeared. No warning, no reason, he was just gone.  Jon Van Dyke, a retired Marine master sergeant knew about responsibility, he seemed happy with their new life and

Jon Van Dyke Disappeared - Voluntarily

his new job at the CitiGroup Command Center. They’d worked hard getting their home in shape for a pending family reunion. He would never just leave me,” Maureen thought. 

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