15 July, 2009

Make us a light for the blind, a song for the deaf, a hope for the lost and the lonely

Prayer for Strength and Courage

Dear God,

You are the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end. It is safe to place my heart in your hands. In a restless and troubled world, you are a realm of peace and comfort. In a sea of doubts, you are the certainty. In an ocean of darkness, you are the light. Guide us through the night. Your mercy is endless. Your grace is eternal. Your love has no boundaries. Without you, we would be lost and alone. With you, we are saved and loved, we have a purpose and a meaning. Teach us to love and to forgive, the way you love and forgive us. Teach us to find our joy in you. Teach us to find our strength in your name. Make us a candle for others' steps, so that they can see where they are going and do not stumble on the way.

Make us a light for the blind, a song for the deaf, a hope for the lost and the lonely. Make our lives and our beings part of your divine plan. Give us the strength to see beyond this “here” and “now”. Open our eyes, so that we can see your love in everything. Open our ears, so that we can hear your voice in everything. Teach us to be strong in times of weakness. To carry forward the message of faith, hope and love.

When our heart is breaking, touch it with your healing touch and make it whole again. You can turn wrong into right and darkness into light. You can make us strong by the very things that make us weak. Change our hearts. Let us be messengers of your love here on Earth. Where there is bitterness, pour your sweet love, where there is illness and death, pour your living water. Where there is despair, pour your hope.

Give us the passion and the courage of the first Christians. Give us the power you gave to your apostles. Teach us to say the right word at the right time, to choose the right thing every time we have to make a choice. There are so many times when we feel like prisoners in our own bodies, in a world that defies our understanding. Teach us that there is more than eyes can see, that the truth is comforting and redeeming. Set us free by your truth. Let our heart see your glory, so that we can never feel like prisoners again.

For you have the power to build up hearts and minds, to restore and to heal. Glorified be your name forever and ever.


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